About Us

Who We Are

Metro Executive Transportation & Concierge is a full service  ground-transportation and concierge service provider.

The services we provide are second to none in our industry. Metro  Executive Transportation & Concierge is the only provider in the  Atlanta area to offer the services we do for those who travel or just  too busy to get things done. We understand time is not on everyone’s  side. So, we are the extra set of hands, the designated driver,  chauffeur for the day, or whatever you need us to be. It is our job to  make sure your job, task, or errand gets done.

The founder of Metro Executive Automotive Concierge has  been in the transportation industry for more than 20 years in various  capacities with several companies. In the early years, one thing had  remained constant… a lack for “personal attention” for the clients we  serve. Seeing the lack of attention being given…in 2007 he started Metro  Executive Automotive Concierge. Since the start of business,  the client base has grown to over 300 personal and corporate  relationships in several countries.

What We Offer

 The most valuable things we can offer to our clients are assistance and time. Our staff at Metro Executive Automotive Concierge  understands there is never enough time in the day to get “everything”  accomplished. This is why we provide a wide  variety of services to assist our clients with making the most of their valued time.  We offer services which include but are not limited to  airport transportation, personal shopping, residential and commercial  cleaning, house or pet sitting, event planning, automotive research for purchases, and much more. Whatever your need or request is, as long as  it is legal and morally acceptable, we will always do our very best to  exceed your expectations. .

Our Mission

“To exceed our client’s expectations at every  opportunity possible”.  

In day-to-day life most people rarely have enough hours in the day  for their personal or business “to-do-list”. Our services are designed  to allow our clients more time to relax and spend more time on  themselves and family instead of “the list”. Our staff can take care of  most things you do not have time for. From taking the car to have the oil changed, completing your shopping list, providing transportation to  and from the airport, or whatever your request may be. We will do our  very best at all times to accommodate your needs and exceed your  expectations.

Vehicle Options

Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter

Unrivaled group or executive comfort and luxury.

Mercedes R-350

6-passenger luxury without compromise. 

Mercedes S-550

Exclusive private transportation.



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Terms & Conditions


By placing a reservation with Metro Executive Automotive Concierge you acknowledge and expressly agree to the following policies, terms, and conditions here-in. You expressly authorize Metro Executive Automotive Concierge to charge your credit card in full for all charges relating to your reservation, including, but not limited to, charging your credit card in full for the reservation (according to our policies here-in) should you be considered a no-show or reservation is cancelled. You also agree to allow Metro Executive Automotive Concierge to bill you directly or charge your credit card for any vehicle damages caused by you or a passenger in your group during reserved time.   PLEASE SEE COMPLETE POLICIES, TERMS, AND CONDITIONS BELOW.  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE PRIOR TO PLACING YOUR RESERVATION.

Affiliate Transportation Service Policy
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge, at its own discretion during time constraints, can select specific affiliate ground transportation providers to supply transportation accommodations as requested by our clients. Metro Executive Automotive Concierge is not obligated to supply affiliate information. Affiliate providers are pre-screened and will always meet our high standard for excellence and professionalism.

- no airport service provided at discount rates // 3 hour minimum required Monday-Thursday @ $55/ hour  // Monday-Thursday after 1am normal charter rate applies @ $65 per hour // Friday & Saturday 3 hour minimum required $65 rate applies throughout out reservation period//  discount rate available Monday through Thursday only.// paid reservation must be placed 48-hours in advance // normal reservation & cancellation policy applies// rates for premium vehicles are slightly higher

Airport Service/ **Additional Stops/ ***Wait Time
Airport rates are based on pick-up location/ distance from specified airport. All airport service is reserved with valid credit card no later than 24 hours in advance. Less than 24-hours will require immediate payment in full via valid credit card.  “No cash reservations received without credit card on file."  

**Metro Executive Automotive Concierge does not charge for additional stops during requested airport service. As long as any requested stops are completed within 1 (one) hour of initial pick-up time, no additional charges will apply. Any stops which result in time extending beyond the 1 (one) hour allowed for airport transfers will result in additional charges. Additional charges are billed 16 minutes past the initial 1 (one) hour allowed and in 30 minute increments thereafter. One hour airport transfer time does not apply to locations beyond 45 minutes one-way drive time. Charter rate may apply.

***Metro Executive Automotive Concierge provides up to 30 minutes of free wait time for domestic arrivals and up to 60 minutes for international arrivals in order for clients to deplane and pick-up their luggage. Time begins once plane reaches the gate. If clients do not meet their Chauffeur or call our office within 30 minutes (60 minutes for international arrivals after clearing customs) of their plane reaching the gate, we will consider the client a "no-call/ no-show". The client will be charged in full for the reservation including taxes and gratuity. Airport transfer service will be billed at full reserved rate (plus tax and gratuity) beyond 60 minutes if a call is not received to hold the chauffeur.  All departures for airport service will be allowed a 15 minute grace period upon chauffeur’s arrival at pick-up location. A waiting charge of $35 is billed after the first 16 minutes and every 30 minutes thereafter depending on vehicle availability. Any change for scheduled airport service pick-up must be received at least 6- hours prior to pick-up. All airport transfer change requests received less than 6 hours will be considered a new reservation.   

 Cancellation Policy
Cancellations are accepted for airport transfers only by phone, fax, or e-mail 6-hours prior to scheduled pick up. Failure to cancel reservation 6 hours prior to pick up will result in full charge billed directly to client or credit card on file. Cancellations for charter services must be received via fax, phone, or e-mail 72 -hours (3-days) prior to pick up. Corporate account (airport service) cancellations or changes must be received 3-hours prior to pick-up to avoid charges. Special event cancellation requires at least 2-week notification. Cancellations for special events less than 2-weeks will be billed in full for base rate only for the number of hours reserved. No refunds given if cancelled less than 2 weeks. (See special events below) Charter cancellations received on or less than 72 hours (3-days) will be billed at 1 full hour (per vehicle) plus tax and gratuity this is in addition to any deposit paid. Cancellations less than 72 hours (3-days) will not receive a refund on any deposit. 

Management reserves the right to waive cancellation policy on individual case-by-case basis. 

 All Deposits of 1/3 reservation rate are non-refundable.

Cancellation/ Termination of Agreement
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge reserves the right to terminate any reservation without refund. If the driver, reservations representative, or dispatcher feels the client and /or any accompanying party of the client places the driver, passengers, or reserved vehicle in danger of bodily harm, injury, or damage, service may be cancelled or terminated. Also, if the client and/or any persons accompanying said client are in the possession of any illegal material and/or substance, we reserve the right to contact the authorities. Service will be canceled without refund. This is without exception.  

 Change Policy
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge requests that all changes for any service (excluding special events) be received by phone (changes will not be accepted with chauffeur) 12 Hours prior to pick up. Changes received less than 12 hours will be at the discretion of management and depending on vehicle and chauffeur availability. If a change cannot be accommodated & results in a cancellation you will be billed as per cancellation policy.

Charter Reservations and Posted Minimums:
Charter reservations are billed at a minimum of 2 hours Sunday through Thursday and 3 Hours on Friday and Saturday. Any vehicle in use 30 minutes beyond the reserved charter time will be billed in 1 hour increments for every 30 minutes thereafter. (Providing vehicle availability) All vehicles are reserved in full hour increments only. All point –to – point services are billed in full hour increments regardless of distance or time in vehicle. All charters are reserved with a 1/3 deposit of full reserved rate, via valid credit card or cash. No refunds on deposits.

Drive Time Charge 

A drive-time fee will be billed if pick-up location is greater than 45 minutes from our office for all services. Billable fee is $55.00 and will be billed at the discretion of Metro Executive Automotive Concierge. Long distance service will be billed at half “billed” rate (plus admin fee & gratuity) for return trip.

Lost or Damaged Items
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge and its affiliates are not responsible for items that are left in the vehicle, lost or damaged. Metro Executive Automotive Concierge reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for returning lost items if found. The rate will be equal to the rate of an Airport Transfer to your location plus 10% chauffeur service charge.
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge and affiliate chauffeurs will assist with luggage at a client's request, but assume no liability for damage to any piece of luggage or accessory to said luggage.

No-Call / No-Show Policy
With all airport transfer reservations, clients will be considered a no-call / no-show at 30 minutes past your scheduled pick-up time (60 minutes for Intl. arrivals requiring customs clearance). If you have not met your chauffeur or contacted our office by phone you will be charged in full for the reservation, billed to the credit card on file to reserve transportation. To avoid being charged as a no-show, please contact Metro Executive Automotive Concierge as soon as you land.

Payment Methods
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge accepts Visa, Master-Card, Discover, & American Express.    WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS! All charges, including gratuities are billed to your credit card. If you have a corporate account with Metro Executive Automotive Concierge, your account will be billed accordingly. Credit Cards are charged at the latest 24 hours prior to or at time of pick-up. Metro Executive Automotive Concierge chauffeurs do not accept cash as payment for charter reservations due to safety concerns. Please be aware, if a cash payment is to be made please contact our office so proper arrangements can be made.

Pick-Up & Drop-off Services
Pick-Up & Drop-off services are not suggested or guaranteed for the following: proms, weddings, concerts, sporting events, funerals, dinner reservations, or nights on the town. This is due to the possibility of a vehicle not being available when requested. The aforementioned events require a charter reservation with minimum 2 to 3 hour requirement.

Point-to-Point Transfers (one-way)

All one-way or Point-to-Point services where a client may require or request return service, will be billed a minimum of 3 (three) hours is requested return is 3 (three) hours or less from pick up time. 

Private Driver (for your vehicle)
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge can provide a private driver for your personal vehicle at your request and at your own risk. Metro Executive Automotive Concierge and its drivers will not be held liable or accountable for any damages as a result of proper operation of your personal vehicle. Metro Executive Automotive Concierge and its drivers will not be held responsible for any item(s) left in your vehicle by yourself (owner) or any passenger or otherwise “lost”. Further, Metro Executive Automotive Concierge and its drivers will not be held liable or responsible for any comprehensive damages to vehicle while parked attended or unattended. Metro Executive Automotive Concierge is not responsible for any road debris damage to your personal vehicle (i.e.: windshield, front –end stone chips…etc.).  Any and all claims for damage or items missing will be handled directly with the vehicle owner’s personal insurance carrier.

Privacy Policy
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge does not sell, rent, trade, or disseminate your personal and financial information to any outside third parties. All passenger information, locations, and destinations are kept completely confidential. Metro Executive Automotive Concierge reserves the right to use any information supplied to provide requested services and collect payment for services rendered in accordance with our rates, terms and conditions, and policies.

Prom Service

Metro Executive Automotive Concierge provides Prom service for high school seniors during prom season at a 6 hour minimum. Any time thereafter will be billed in hourly increments at the vehicles regular hourly rate. Prom Services are only held/ reserved by the parent of the attending senior. No minor can hold or otherwise reserve services. Reservations are held with a valid major credit card in the name of the attending student’s parent or legal guardian. The reserved vehicle will remain with the students from the time of pick up until the students are returned to the point of pick up. PLEASE SEE PROM CONTRACT/ AGREEMENT FOR SPECIFIC POLICY REGARDING PROM STUDENTS. We do not allow for multiple drop-offs after the prom has concluded. Upon drop-off, no student will be left alone unless approved by that student’s parent or guardian. Any wait time for pick-up for any student will be billed to the card on file for the reservation. 

Rate/ Policy Changes
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge reserves the right to change rates and or policies at any time without notice. It is at the sole discretion of management to notify clients of any changes.


Rates & Billing:
All Rates are subject to change according to distance. All vehicles are billed in hourly increments for time reserved. Any vehicle in use 30 minutes beyond the reserved charter time will be billed in 1 hour increments for every 30 minutes thereafter starting in the 31st minute.
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge bills in full hourly increments at the base hourly rate for selected vehicle. A 20% gratuity, industry standard, is automatically added to all reservations. Payment is due in full upon chauffeur arrival if not paid in advance. Payment must be received prior to vehicle departing the pick up location. Corporate accounts are billed on a monthly basis for services rendered through the 25th of each month unless otherwise communicated. Payments are due by the first of each month. * Please Note* - Airport service is based on distance from selected/ requested airport or pick up location.

Refunds/ Credits
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge does not issue refunds for services not used in their entirety. Once a reserved trip has started normal policies will apply. Refunds or credit will only be given under normal policy provisions listed within our Terms & Agreement. Credit or refund for any reserved trip is solely at the discretion of the CEO. No guarantees or promises are implied.

Special Events

Special events are considered any event which requires a charter service of at least 4- hours such as Corporate Events, Super Bowl, The Masters, Proms, New Year’s, or any other industry standard event. 

Metro Executive Automotive Concierge reserves the right to bill all out of pocket expenses by the driver, including, but not limited to; road tolls, parking, airport parking fees, and luggage carts directly to the client immediately at time of occurrence. In the event fuel charges reach prices above $2.75 Metro Executive Automotive Concierge reserves the right place a fuel surcharge on the customers billing statement for services rendered.

Uncontrollable Situations: Acts of God; Traffics Conditions; ETC….
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge and its affiliates are not responsible and cannot be held liable or accountable for Acts of God/ Nature; Traffic Delays; Road Closure, or any Condition beyond our control which would delay the arrival, departure, or return of a reserved vehicle..

Update of Airport Transfer Flight Arrival Times
Metro Executive Automotive Concierge will monitor and update all flight arrival times with the chauffeur when a correct flight number and airline is provided, however, the update is only as reliable as the information we are provided by the customer, airline, or airport.

Vehicle Damage/Cleaning
Any client over the age of 18 making a reservation with Metro Executive Automotive Concierge agrees, by physically or electronically signing this document,  to be held legally and financial responsible for any and all damages and/or cleaning charges. Metro Executive Automotive Concierge will not be held responsible or liable for any actions, injuries, or damages caused by any passenger while inside or outside of the reserved vehicle. Any damage to any vehicle reserved and in use, under Metro Executive Automotive Concierge or its affiliates, by the client whom reserved the vehicle(s), agrees to be held completely responsible and liable for any and all related repairs to the reserved vehicle. Repairs will be billed to the credit card on file used to hold the reservation. If the card used to hold reservation is declined for repairs the client agrees to be billed for said repairs. Any payment for repairs must be received within 10 days of receiving invoice for billed repairs.  There will be a $250 cleaning fee added to the reservation if a client or passenger becomes ill and soils the interior of the reserved vehicle. The cleaning fee applies to any spills in the vehicle. A cleaning fee of $25.00 will apply in the event of “any” refuse/ trash/ food or waste left in any vehicle reserved with Metro Executive Automotive Concierge. The will be a $10 charge for any glassware missing or damaged from the rear of the reserved vehicle if equipped and a $25 fee for an decanter missing or damaged from the rear of the vehicle, if equipped. 

 Wait Times for all pick-ups (excludes airport service)

Wait time will be billed at $35.00 starting 16 minutes after arrival in 30-minute increments, permitting vehicle availability. **Please note this is in addition to any reserved service billing. There may be an occasion where the vehicle cannot be held up due to prior reservations. Wait time billing starts from original scheduled time of pick-up.